Q: Are Granite Counter Tops expensive? A: The price of granite and marble has come down over the past few years, now you can stay with a reasonable budget and still get the quality of granite counter tops. And remember AT-Marble offers free estimates on all of our inventory and services.  
  Q: How long does it take to install from the time I order the product? A: AT-Marble has hundreds of colors and types of stone in stock, If we have the material you select in stock it usually only takes 7-14 days from start to finish. If we have to order the material it's only a few days more for delivery.  
  Q: How strong is the material? A: Well it's as hard as a rock. Whether you decide on Granite or Marble AT-Marble takes pride in installing your counter top and flooring with precision to reduce the possibility of future cracking or defects.  
  Q: How can I get an estimate? A: Call AT-Marble at (508) 297-1894, Email us or just stop in.  
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